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  • 台灣前5A級上班大樓,知名外商及各國使館相鄰
  • 國際金融、通訊科技、電子商務公司接軌,輕易整合事業發展資源
  • 與跨國外商隨時分享領域專業知識及市場趨勢,輕鬆增加事業廣度及深度
  • 27樓高樓層辦公室遠眺陽明山及大直松山機場環景
  • 動態電子門牌,完整呈現公司形象資訊
  • 專屬藝廊接待及展示沙龍空間
  • 高低樓層分流高速電梯
  • 電子光學門禁保全
  • 全天候數位監控系統
  • 大小視訊會議室
  • 內外區會客室

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Hanse International Business Center (Hanse IBC) not only provides office spaces, but also integrates resources from different industries to help customer cement the relationships with their own customers. The gallery-style interior design is based on the core concepts of Hanse IBC-- "fashion, culture, creativity and art”-- building a professional and innovative image for our customers.

Whether it is a work studio, an agency, a branch office, a project organization, a new company, or even an enterprise, Hanse IBC provides customized offices and conference spaces for your innovative business. Our customer can direct all their resources into developing their business; our service teams will provide the logistic support they need. Here are our prized advantages:

  • Located in central business district, closed to international enterprises and foreign embassies
  • Prime location with easy assess to international enterprises
  • Office located on the 27th floor of the building, with a view of Yangmingshan and Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Electronic monitors showing your brand name
  • Dedicated reception desk and gallery space
  • High speed elevator
  • Electro-optical access doors and security
  • 24/7 surveillance system
  • Video conference rooms
  • Reception rooms, drawing rooms, and VIP rooms